Global Entry Renewal Application Form and Program

The process for renewal Global Entry card is the same as applying for the first time. If the personal information that is given by you ( such as: address, passport, driver license or employment history) have not been changed since the last time when you applied and got the Global Entry card, the process is faster and it is not necessary to go to interview again. Each Global entry card can be renewed 90 days before its date of expiration.

Each Global Entry card has validity five years. When it expires, you have to fill out new application for and apply for new interview (for appointment interview and enrollment center please click here). All provided information will be checked by Citizenship and Immigration agencies, law enforcement agencies and Customs and Border Protection agencies.

When you are approved for the Global entry program, you have to schedule an interview at the enrollment center. In order to get your card, you have to attend to the interview within 30 days. If you miss the interview you will be automatically denied from the program. I will be allowed to apply again 90 days after the denied.

Action 1: Go to “Download Application form” button and downloaded. Complete the form and save it (in case something goes wrong).

Action 2: Send the form and the additional documents via e-mail or fax (additional documents: passport, driver license and resident card). E-mail: ; fax: (312) 894-1069

Action 3: Go to payment button and make payment via PayPal.

NOTE: Each applicant must apply for an individual Global Entry card (separate documents for each individual including child).

TravelerExpert does NOT guarantee for any Trusted Traveler program approval. Incomplete, false, or inaccurate information provided on the application forms are automatically denied.

Pass service options:

TravelerExpert offers two different types of Global Entry services: regular ( 4- 8 weeks) and premium ( 2-4 weeks). The premium application forms are accepted as priority. By choosing the premium package, we will take care of your documents faster, and your application will be submitted to CBT with priority. The decision about your Trusted Traveler package can take up to three months to be eligible. In order to complete the whole process, you have to book and attempt to an interview. This can happen once you receive CBT decision.

Before starting, please, download the Global entry application form, read the information (contact us if you have any questions) and choose between the two different types of services.


Into the table above you can see all the fees connected to the Global Entry travel program:



Total Cost

Government Application


Regular service



Government Application


Premium service



In case you are familiar with Customs and Boarder Protection (CBP) service and system and prefer to use and apply with them you can do it by clicking here.

If you decide to use TravelerExpert service, you have to pay the service fee via PayPal, at first (your application will not be process if you do not make the transaction). Once you get your Trusted Traveler profile (TTP) information, the TravelerExpert service fees are not refundable. The Government fees are not refundable, as well. These governmental fees are made by using your credit/debit card that is included into the submitted application form.

Our service:

TravelerExpert employees will help you for getting your Global Entry cards. Each person in the team is well-known with all latest changes and updates in the government policy, requirements and recommendations. The team is high motivated and enthusiastic for processing and evaluating all application forms.

TravelerExpert service:

  • Checks and makes sure that all your documents are clear and in order.
  • Answers any questions anytime.
  • Help you with the interview appointment.
  • Keep eye on your documents and information.
  • Deal with government instead of you.
  • Solve problems and answer any questions.


Advantages and disadvantages:


  • Less question in the border by border guards
  • Less stress
  • Faster board crossing
  • Faster checking (inspection) time


  • Easy revocable. ( in case of breaking any immigration or customer laws)
  • RFID tag. (some people believe that this is used as tracking device)
  • Too much provided information ( some people are not comfortable with providing too much information)
  • Protects only you. (If you are with regular passengers and you want to wait for them, you need to cross in the regular lines.